Greetings,   Are you a leader? Would you like to be a leader? Would you like to be able to learn how to lead others in faith based programmes – but are not sure if you have the skills?I have been working with team to deliver a Leadership Programme for Young Adults for a number of years.At a time of transition and caution, it might be a good time to see if we can identify new people, including young adults (18-30) that might be able to take on new faith based leadership roles in our parishes as some of our traditional older group stay at home. This could be you!This course is effective in instilling confidence in a generation to lead in Church and in their lives. Recruitment is now open and I have attached more detail info for young adults, parishes, Parish Pastoral Council’s and groups. You might also know someone who might be interested, consider letting them know about it.Once we establish contact our team will then follow up. The course will be compliant with Covid measures. I invite you to take this invitation to reach out to a new generation so that we can have new front line leaders in our parish helping to continue the mission of the Gospel. Use the link below to find out more – where you can register online or get in touch with me directly. Go directly to our weblink – https://www.evangelisation.ie/2020/08/11/foundational-leadership-programme-sign-up-2020/  Gerard Gallagher Office for Evangelisation & Ecumenism gerard.gallagher@dublindiocese.ie  ggallagher@abhouse.org  Web – www.evangelisation.ie  Phone – 0353 87 2347220