Knock Pilgrimage Review


knockKnock, Knock? How did it go? On Saturday 31st
of May a bus left the Parish to carry 56 of us to the national Sanctuary of
Knock. The bus also carried the many intentions and prayers of
our parishioners. The Mass at the Gable of the apparitions was
the high point of the pilgrimage during which our two 9 year old
pilgrims brought up and lit the Parish candle representing the
presence of the entire parish. We also shared moments of
prayer, of laughter; we shared table and thoughts…
and a few unexpected trips over the Shannon.
A special word of gratitude must be extended to the Adoration
Committee who promoted and organized this event with great
dedication. It is great to see the lay members of the Parish take on rolls and organize events that were previously reserved to the
parish team…