Message from Fr. Andrew

fr andrew on altar

Dear Parishioners,

As you are aware the parish of Sandyford, Kilternan & Glencullen

has been engaged in a major restoration programme which has

involved the undertaking of numerous projects such as:

 Upgrading liturgical vessels and vestments in all three churches

 Repainting of St Mary’s Church

 New Parish Office

 Restoration of the Parochial House, Presbytery and Parish Meeting Room

 Hiring of a part-time secretary and sacristan and youth officer

 Upgrading the maintenance and keep of the grounds of our churches

 Cleaning of gutters of our churches and numerous structural repairs to the churches

 Restoration of church pews

 Restoration of Our Lady’s statue, amongst others. These are only a few of the jobs completed so far.

The parish, in order to carry out these essential works, had to borrow half a million euro and I am happy to report, due to a number of fundraising initiatives we have now cleared our parish debt in a very short space of time. I am very grateful to the Parish Finance Committee for their untiring efforts and to all those who have contributed to the financial wellbeing of this parish. We are now in the fortunate position of being able to focus on our next project which is the restoration of the Blue Church—Our Lady Of the Wayside.

The Blue Church is not looking its best and is in real danger if we do nothing. This autumn I hope we can launch a serious drive to raise the necessary funds that are needed to restore this beautiful church and to paint it blue. The costing estimate for these works is approximately €400,000. I am appealing to parishioners to please contact me if you would like to help in any way to raise these vital funds. As part of the fundraising campaign, we will  have one or two major  fundraising events during the course of next year and it is my hope that we will be able to start the restoration works in the Autumn of 2014 but this will be dependent on how much money we raise.

The parish is growing stronger by the day and it is wonderful to see so many young families and new people coming to our churches. I hope that together we will become a more vibrant, Christian community where everyone feels both welcome and at home.

Fr Andrew