fr andrewI am delighted to announce that we have been grated planning permission for our new Parish Room which I firmly believe will be a wonderful addition to Parish life. I hope to display the plans in the porches of the Churches very shortly and once we get permission from Archbishop’s House we will then proceed with the project. The total cost o the project will be approximately €600,000 and we will need everyone to pull together to help us fund raise. We have already made an excellent start through Living The Joy Of The Gospel which raised €240,000 and I am deeply grateful to all who are so generous to the Parish It is my hope that we will launch a Parish Lotto shortly and this will go a long way in helping us raise the necessary funds.

This project for me is essential to secure the future of the Parish community and to help it strengthen and grow through the Pastoral services that will be offered in the Parish Room. At present we are really stuck for space and this is having a negative impact in terms of our Pastoral Programmes. I appeal to all Parishioners to please support this project in whatever way you can and tell others the good news that our Parish in continuing to grow and prosper.

Kind regards, Fr Andrew