Sandyford Parish Bereavement Support Group


Sandyford Parish Bereavement Support  Group :

Bethany Bereavement Support Group is a voluntary parish ministry which aims to help the bereaved and grieving.  It is quite normal to feel anger, guilt, fear, depression and an awful sense of loss after the passing of a loved one.

These feelings need to be expressed rather than repressed, to be talked about, cried over and put in some sort of perspective. It aids the healing process to talk with a trained listener and confront the very strong feelings associated with grief.

Many Bethany members have themselves been bereaved.  They are trained and equipped to listen and help support the bereaved through the grieving process.  Bethany Bereavement Support Group help the bereaved in two main ways:

1)  Sandyford Parish Bereavement Support Group

Now taking place in Balally Pastoral Cetntre on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm.
Next meeting
7.30 pm Wednesday 6th Sept 2017.
All support sessions are free & completely
confidential .
Phone 087 2983591 to contact direct.