How Your Donations Are Used – Flow Chart

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Where do contributions to the Parish go

A special word of thanks to all who support our parish through the weekly collections, envelopes, Standing Order and individual donations.  To see how your contributions are used to fund the life of the Church please click on the image on the left to see the chart in a larger size.  Once again, we are very grateful for all who support us in every way to help spread the joy of the Gospel.










We are all called to be Stewards.

As a Parish Community we endeavour to work as efficiently as possible to minister to the needs of the faithful.  The generous efforts and donations of so many are gratefully received but for our Parish to thrive we can’t leave financial support to a limited few.   Each family or individual can contribute through planned giving.  There are many benefits to pledging regular amount to Sandyford Parish through Standing Order Forms and Parish Envelopes and by remembering the Parish in your will.

For anyone who signs up via Standing Order you will enjoy the following advantages.

planned givingThe Advantages for You.

The satisfaction of knowing that your funds are transferred automatically to the parish planned giving account so you don’t need to find or carry cash each week.  If you are away from the parish, your gift takes place without you having to catch up on your return. It is a confidential, convenient and safe option, and saves the parish the cost of providing envelopes. Electronic giving is flexible, and can be changed or cancelled at anytime as necessary.

The Advantages for the Parish

By giving electronically, the parish is guaranteed your gift on a regular basis, budgeting becomes more accurate and the necessary cash flow is constant. It saves time and is much safer for the parish as there is less cash to handle, with less risk involved and it reduces the work of voluntary counters in the Parish.

Planned Giving Pledge Form 2013/14

Remembering Sandyford Parish in your Will

Through the bequeathing of property, assets or money in your will, the contribution you make to Parish life extends to future generations many services which include.

Helping the Parish Manage its costs and repairs as well as contribute to the upkeep of our cherished places of worship.

The development and outreach of our Pastoral Plan through its ministries, employees and faith based programmes.

Carry forward after your death the important link for so many between Parish Life and the local community.

Offering EnvelopesParish Envelopes

For those who wish to contribute via envelopes at our Liturgies can obtain them from the Parish Office or Sacristan at St. Mary’s

The Parish of Sandyford is filled with wonderful people and great facilities.  In order to preserve them and pass them on to future generations please consider how you could best contribute to the life and works carried out in Sandyford, Kilternan and Glencullen.