finance committee

The Parish Finance Committee




The Finance Committee, made up of the members listed below, assist the Priests in their Stewardship of the material gifts entrusted to the Parish to support it’s mission in the local area and broader Church.  This is an integral role in utilizing the budget while helping to maintain and further develop the Parish of Sandyford.

Within the Diocese of Dublin it is recommended for a Finance Committee to meet once every three months, as a Parish we have taken the commitment to have them every 4 – 6 weeks.  This allows us to have the ability to discuss regularly our goals and progress as to the financial standing of the Parish.

The Catholic Church believes it is of the utmost importance to have such committees and has included it in Canon Law Code 537.

The main roles of the committee are

1) The maintenance of Accounts and implementation of effective internal Financial Controls

2) The formal and critical review of Parish Accounts at least quarterly including the performance against the allotted budget

3)  The preparation of the annual statement of receipts and payments etc.

4) The preparation of an annual budget detailing estimated income and expenditure for the forthcoming year.

5) A Fundraising target, policy and general approach

6) Maintenance of Parish Property

7) Provision and review of insurance cover

8) Financing arrangements for new projects

9) Appointment of and dealings with accountants, architechts, builders etc.


Members of the Committee Include

Very Rev. Fr. Andrew O’ Sullivan

Mr. JohnFitzpatrick

Mrs. Wendy Kennedy

Mr. Pat McMorrow

Mr. Jim Buckley

Ms. Donal Walsh

Ms. Cathriona Hallahan/Taylor

Ms. Margot Lyons

Mr. Thomas Lundon