As followers of Jesus we are called to live lives of prayer.  All prayer begins in the heart and here are some practical steps to find space in your day to have some quiet time with the Lord.


1)  Make a date….. So often we book events into our calendars and set them accordingly.  Choose a time to meet with Jesus.  By making a commitment to set aside time you are already on the right road.

2)  Find the setting….  Some of us find we can easily go to a Church (where distractions are at a minimum) while others prefer to close their door, light a candle and sit with the Scriptures.  Wherever and however you pray make room to let the Spirit of God speak to you.

3)  Write a list…..  Though prayer is much more than us speaking to God, it is important we give him our worries and concerns and all that can distract us during this intimate time.  Some find writing down the names of loves ones or situations and reading them out to God helps when internal words can fail us.

4) Give the gift of time…… We’d lose interest in a friend who only came to visit for a set time every week.  Thankfully Jesus never loses interest in us and calls us to an ever deeper relationship.  Let’s honour him by not checking our watch so often.

5)  In Giving We Receive……  St. Vincent De Paul tells us that an act of Charity for those in need comes before prayer.  By regularly volunteering for a worthy cause or helping a lonely neighbour we are ministering to Christ who said “Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me.”

6)  Word Search……. In the Scriptures we have God’s very life speaking to us through the prophets, apostles and patriarchs.   Study the Word, reflect upon it and allow it to breath new life into you.

7) Visiting Hours….. Jesus said to his disciples “Would you not watch one hour with me?”   Most parishes including our own offers time of silent prayer in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Here we can sit in Jesus’ presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  Often there are led Holy Hours that include prayers and solemn Benediction where we receive the Lord’s blessing.  Follow this link for Adoration times and venues.

8)  Thanks a million……  By recalling God’s goodness we are reliving moments of grace and learning to trust Him more.  A thank you can mean so much to us….let’s offer some to God for He is always faithful.