What is the Sacrament of Marriage?

‘God disposed man and woman for each other so that they might be “no longer two but one” (Matthew 19:6)  In this way they are to live in love, be fruitful and thus become a sign of God Himself, who is nothing but overflowing love’  Catechism of the Catholic Church – Reference [1601-1605]

In the Catholic Church, Marriage is more than a natural institution; it was elevated by Christ Himself, in His participation in the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11), to be one of the seven Sacraments. A marriage between two Christians, therefore, has a supernatural element as well as a natural one. While few Christians outside of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches regard marriage as a Sacrament, the Catholic Church insists that marriage between any two baptized Christians, as long as it is entered into with the intention to contract a true marriage, is a Sacrament.


The Mark and Effect of the Sacrament

The effect of the Sacrament is an increase in sanctifying grace for the spouses, a participation in the divine life of God Himself.  This sanctifying grace helps each spouse to help the other advance in holiness, and it helps them together to cooperate in God’s plan of redemption by raising up children in the Faith.

In this way, Sacramental marriage is more than a union of a man and a woman; it is, in fact, a type and symbol of the divine union between Christ, the Bridegroom, and His Church, the Bride. As married Christians, open to the creation of new life and committed to our mutual salvation, we participate not only in God’s creative act but in the redemptive act of Christ.

As a parish there are certain documents we require for those who wish to marry in the Church.

These include
1. A Baptism cert
2. A Confirmation cert
3. Letter of freedom (from the Parish Priest)   Download a sample copy here.
4. If one of the parties is not from the Catholic Church a letter from the Archbishop will be required.

A pre- nuptial interview with a priest in the parish will also be required. In that interview a document is filled in and signed called the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry.

Sample Wedding Booklet within Mass

To ensure you will be compliant with all civil requirements for marriage please follow this link.

Header Information
Booking Your Wedding To book a wedding in the Parish or to enquire about pre-Nuptial enquiry forms, please contact the office at 2956414 at least 6 MONTHS before your wedding date. This must be done first before any other bookings are made to ensure the availability of the Church and the priest.
Civil Requirements All Civil Requirements information is available from the HSE here 
Pre-Marriage Course When you contact the parish office you will be advised to book on a Pre-Marriage Course with ACCORD. Please DO NOT book a course offered by another agency other than ACCORD before speaking with the Parish Office. You will be advised then of the recommended courses available.
For a list of courses including dates & venues Check HERE
Other Helpful Information
Remember to bring the Marriage registration Form (MRF) that you got from
the Civil Registrar with you when you meet the priest to do your Pre-Nuptial
papersBaptismal & Confirmation Certificates must be issued within 6
months of the wedding dateFor information on the liturgy you may visit

After you have booked your wedding through the office, if you have any questions
around arranging flowers or booking wedding practice time in the church please
call the appropriate sacristan belowSacristan Details:
St. Mary’s – Ray Shortt – 086 2423448Our Lady of the Wayside – Anne Anderson – 2954614St. Patrick’s Glencullen Mary Mahon – 2954774