Welcome to our newest page featuring monthly reflections. We hope this page will give us all the opportunity to take a step back and consider our faith deeper in mind and heart.


Understanding Freedom – By Ray Shortt

There are many different understandings of freedom in our world today. One very basic one is that mankind has the liberty to do whatever he pleases, and to go where-ever she wishes to go unshackled by rules, regulations or regimes.  Read more here




The Face of God – By Ray Shortt

Face of God

Some time ago I picked up a copy of the retired Pope’s book ‘Jesus of Nazareth’: a book which he claimed was the result of Benedict’s own personal search for the face of God. In it he chronicles the life of Jesus finding consistencies in scripture and jig-sawing a very impressive image of Christ, a reflection of the face of God himself.

And as a church musician I am particularly drawn to contemporary songs which speak about the search for the face of God. The lyrics of one come to mind: ‘I will search in the silence for your hiding place, in the quiet Lord I seek your face’ (Liam Lawton, from the album The Cloud’s Veil). -It is true that Lawton’s pretty song is a direct reflection of the longings and pulses of many throughout the ages, one that is best expressed by the psalmist: ‘Come my heart says, seek his face, your face Lord do I seek, do not hide your face from me’ (Ps 27 v 8 & 9). Read full article here