Thanks to all who came to celebrate the Parish Feast Day at Our Lady of the Wayside Church, Kilternan.  Even Teddy turned up for the Mass to provided much needed celebratory ice-cream!!!

The choir was in fine voice and the church was full making for a wonderful liturgy.


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Parish Evangelisation team.

Would you like to develop your skills for sharing simply about your faith? When others ask questions about what Catholics believe, do you feel unsure of how to answer them? The Parish Evangelisation team is having four evenings to help us grow in confidence in helping others who are searching. All are welcome to participate in any one, or all, of the sessions. Venue: Parish Room, St Mary’s Sandyford.

Thursday, 8pm, 31st July. Talking about what God has done for us in a straightforward way.
Thursday, 8pm, 7th, August. Explaining the Gospel simply.
Thursday, 8pm, 21nd August. Giving gifts: free parish resources, prayer and blessings
Thursday, 8pm, 28th, August. Listening to what is being really asked; Answering hard questions

Thanks to all who came to our first team meeting, and who have offered to help in some way. It is not too late to get involved in this new effort in our parish, please contact Rosemary if you would like to find out more.
Rosemary Swords 087 280 5438 or through the Parish Office 2956414.