A reminder of the importance of accompanying young people and their families on the journey of preparation and evangelisation leading in time to the celebration of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Please keep the focus on education, evangelisation, enlightenment and encouragement. There is a concern voiced by many that we might rush into the celebration of the Sacraments and unintentionally neglect the vital preparation. Requests for clarification have been received. The celebration of the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation should only take place in the parish church. As pointed out by Archbishop Farrell in his recent communication, ‘We have yet to receive clarification about the circumstances under which a return to public worship will be permitted under public health guidelines. However, apart from such specific guidelines, we must be cognisant of the foreseeable risks of social gatherings which typically follow such celebrations.’ In solidarity with neighbouring parishes, parents, young people, school communities, please do not issue dates even provisionally for the celebration of Sacraments until we are all ready to move forward together and the Archbishop is in position to issue relevant pastoral guidelines.

Please click here for an address from Archbishop Dermot Farrell which, it is hoped, will be reassuring for the families of children preparing for the Sacraments this year and for those still awaiting the celebration of their First Holy Communion since 2020. Special Masses for these children will be celebrated in St Mary’s Church in Sandyford. The children, their families and teachers are invited to join us on the webcam for these occasions.

❖ Mass for the children preparing for First Holy Communion 2021 and for the children who were due to receive their First Holy Communion in 2020

➢ Monday, 1st of March, 19:30 and Tuesday, 2nd of March, 11:00

❖ Mass for the 2021 Confirmation Candidates
➢ Wednesday, 3rd of March, 11:00 and Monday, 8th of March, 19:30

❖ Mass in Irish for children preparing for First Holy Communion 2021, thechildren who were due to receive their First Holy Communion in 2020 and for the 2021 Confirmation Candidates
➢ Monday, 15th of March, 19:30

We hope the children and their families will be reassured by the Archbishop’s words as we await the time when we can safely celebrate these very important sacraments and joyous occasions together.
With the very best wishes and assurance of the continued prayers of the Parish Team.